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Help!! What Do I Wear?!?!

So you've booked your pictures and now the panic has set in.....what are you going to wear?!?!?

I can't even tell you how many hours I have spent scouring Pinterest looking for inspiration on what to wear for family photos for my own family. My engagement pictures literally had an entire Pinterest board dedicated to outfit inspiration. The worst part is, I would find that gorgeous inspiration photo and then start trying to shop the look only to find it really hard to recreate that Pinterest perfect photo inspiration. Ugh! Booking a photo session is not supposed to make you want to cry. Am I right?

So I am going to give you my suggestions on how to pick clothes that make for a great photo session without a huge Pinterest board or a ridiculous amount of time shopping the look.

Tip 1: Ladies pick your outfit first!

Ok this may seem a little selfish but there is a method to my madness here.

Let me tell you a little story about the picture on the left. I started our family photos outfits from this shirt my husband adored and looked great in. I proceeded to spend the next two weeks shopping for a dress that went with that shirt that I liked. It was a nightmare. Even now I look at this picture and I hate my outfit. The funny thing was my hubby literally would have worn whatever I put out for him that day because 90% of guys are just like my husband...they wear what they are told for picture day.

So ladies pick your outfit first and then work your way through whoever else is going to be in your pictures. That's what I did with the photo below and let me tell you this is one of my fave photo sessions because I love my outfit.

Tip 2: Pick colors you like and feel great in.

Don't feel like the season or occasion has to dictate your pictures. A lot of people try to coordinate their colors with the season or the location of your photos. Let me tell you that one year I put our whole family in red for Christmas pictures was not as cute as the year we all wore neutral colors. Why? My family as a group looks great in blues and neutrals. It works for us.

I wore bright mustard yellow to my engagement pictures...not soft white or bridal colors at all. Why? I felt confident and pretty in that dress and I would not have in some flowy white dress most would have deemed more engagement picture appropriate.

So pick colors you enjoy and look great in. Your photos will be all the better for it.

Tip 3: Comfort rules!

I am in no way suggesting you should show up to your photos in your fave yoga pants but I am recommending you don't wear clothing that makes you utterly uncomfortable because it will show up in your photos.

If you're not used to wearing 4 inch heels and you show up to your pictures in them, I guarantee you are going to look awkward trying to pose in those shoes. If you're not a dress girl...wear pants. If you're a girly girl...bring on that fab dress. Whatever you choose make sure it is something you feel comfortable in so you're not yanking on the hem of your skirt or tipping over in your shoes!

Everyone told me to wear a pretty fur wrap to my winter wedding. If you know me...that is just not my style. So I bought a custom denim jacket to wear for the reception along with my pink ballet flats because heels are not my friends. My absolutely fave wedding pic is to the left in that jacket. Why? Because I felt great.

Tip 4: When In Doubt - Ask for Help!

As a photographer I have seen all the outfits that work and don't work. So if you are having trouble deciding between dresses...text me pictures and I'll help you out. If you aren't sure on a color choice...let's chat. I'm not just here to take pictures the day of. I'm here to answer questions and make sure you show up to your pictures photo ready and feeling fabulous!

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